Field of activityEnergy Audit, Industrial Boiler Efficiency Testing

Implementing energy policies of country including the Law on economical and efficient use of energy in 2010, Northern Electrical Testing Company NPCETC is the leading unit in energy audit and industrial boiler efficiency testing to limit outdated technologies which consume more energy, to help businesses produce in a cleaner and more sustainable way, and to reduce energy costs in production and product price.

  • 1Energy audit:
    - Assessing the current energy use of businesses;
    - Proposing energy saving solutions for businesses;
    - Consulting businesses to invest in energy saving solutions, to reduce energy costs in production, products price, and to competitiveness.
  • 2Industrial boiler efficiency testing:
    The purpose of Industrial boiler performance testing is to serve energy labeling and control of minimum energy performance, limit industrial boilers which have low-efficiency and large energy consumption rates, actualizer gradually the Law on economical and efficient use of energy in 2010 enacted by the National Assembly of Vietnam.

Why choose NPC ETC?

• Brand reputation
• Highly qualified employees
• Finacial capacity
• Machine capacity

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Done projects

Safety-Quality-Effectiveness in work, brand reputation as well as strong resources of personnel and machinery-equipment are the factors help our company have been constantly received the contracts of advanced tests for transformers, electrical wire and cable from all the major manufactures of electrical equipments in the Northern provinces.

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Typical customers

With powerful resources of personnel and machinery-equipment, NPCETC has received the trust of many big customers.

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