Field of activityVerification Of Measuring Equipments, Calibration Of Electrical-Thermal Equipments And Technical Management Of Power Measurement System


Verification of measuring equipments, calibration of electrical - thermal equipments and technical management of power measurement system are important tasks which evaluate and confirm technical characteristics and parameters of electrical and thermal equipments to ensure the accurate, safe and reliable operation of the equipments and the system. Include the following tasks:

Verification of measuring equipments:

- Current transformers up to 500kV;
- Voltage transformers up to 500 kV;
- Alternaring current static watt-hour and Alternaring current induction watt-hour meters;
- Insulation resistance tester, Earth resistance tester;
- Programming meters;
- Checking the reading data function and other functions.

Calibration of electrical equipments:

- Calibration of measuring and verification equipments: Digital transfomer tester, Voltage transformer burden, Current transformer burden, Inductive voltage divider, current source, Withstanding voltage tester, etc.
- Calibration of testing equipments: power meter, multimeter, analogue meter, ampere plier, etc.

Calibration of thermal equipments:

- Calibration of thermal equipments:
- Temperature measuring equipments;
- Gas and oil relay;
- Vibration meters;
- Environmental temperature - humidity measuring equipments;
- Testing and commissioning pressure transducers.

Verification of technical safety:

Verification of electrical equipments and tools under Circular No. 33/2015/TT-BCT dated October 27, 2015 such as transformer, breaker, light arrester, power cable, disconnector, earthing switch and insulating pole.

Technical management of power measurement system:

- Periodical verification, periodical inspection, unexpected inspection of measurement system;
- Inspection and acceptance of measurement system before and after putting into operation;
- Cause detection and incident resolve of measurement system;
- Programming meters; Reading data function;
- Technical management, acceptance, sealing and meter password management of measurement system.


Kiểm định các phương tiện đo 01

Verification of one - phase meters

Thí nghiệm hệ thống, thiết bị thứ cấp

Calibration of electrical equipments at the laboratory

Thí nghiệm phân tích mẫu đầu

Verification of three - phase meters

Thí nghiệm hiệu chỉnh Trạm biến áp 01

Verification of Test and Calibration set for TU 220kV

Thí nghiệm hệ thống, thiết bị thứ cấp

Verification of TU, TI on site

Thí nghiệm phân tích mẫu đầu

Calibration of thermal equipment at the laboratory

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